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Special Exhibition: 50th Anniversary of the Summer of Love

50th Anniversary of the Summer of Love Exhibit

Featuring clothing, accessories, posters and other 60’s & 70’s period items from the collection of Mark Hooper. The collection encompasses the Hippie/Anti-Vietnam peace movement, a sometimes-volatile yet pivotal time in our country’s history, where music and fashion were used as a vehicle in expressing that change.

The exhibit was inspired by the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love, which took place in San Francisco, 1967, and the movement that emanated from that summer. The push for change in just about everything our American Culture clung to at that time. Mass production was on the rise, war was a seemingly never ending reality, and traditional social confines including having to dress a certain way or having your hair a certain length were all being challenged. Back to Nature, and Make Love Not War were not just slogans but an urgent call to be more aware, and to make love, love of the planet, love of animals and all living things, and love of all people (all ethnicities, races and religions) the primary goal. The connection the hippie movement felt with Native American cultures was strong, because of their long history of respect for the earth and the spiritual nature of their traditions. These ideals are seeing a strong revival today, seen all across the country, and many of these movements are coming together and finding strength in unity (thanks internet), so it seemed to us to be a very relevant exhibit for our times.

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